Kimchi Falafel

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Elana (summer '08) eats a kimchi falafel

Elana eating a kimchi falafel!

Posted by: Jeff (summer ’07 and pickle apprentice ’08)

Last week I traveled with Suzannah and Ashley G. to Torrington, Connecticut to give tastings of our fermented products that we make here at Adamah. There was one specialty foods shop where Georges, a Lebanese man, was really eager to do business with us. He was eager for a few reasons, but one of them was that we were a kosher company and he has some Jewish clients. “Can you make and can hummous?” he asked, hoping we can provide him the hashgacha that he wants to be able to sell to different markets. He also loved our pickles and our kimchi and ordered bulk quantities of kimchi to add to his sandwiches.

Today I went with Blair (the other apprentice) to Torrington, Connecticut to deliver our products to Georges.  We brought some dills and krauts, plus our kimchi. At some point during the business transaction I noticed a picture of the middle east and asked Georges if that’s where he’s from in Lebanon. That sparked a 15 minute google earth tour of his hometown, about 40 miles from both the Israeli and Syrian border. He shared a bit about the ancient history of the area and his involvement in the most recent history. It was a delightful encounter.

On my way out of the shop Georges mentioned that he was going to be making a kimchi falafel and he was really excited about it. In fact, he had already begun advertising it and as of today would begin selling the lunch item.

While kimchi falafel is obviously a fusion food, it’s more than just a bringing together of cultures and flavors for me; it’s connecting together my past experiences in Israel and my present stint as a fermenter extraordinaire in NW Connecticut; it’s bringing together two important sides to myself in many ways, my heritage and my passion, and doing it all under the umbrella of peace and coexistence.

Let’s just say that I couldn’t be more excited to eat falafel.


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