Sprouting in the City

December 15, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Posted by Eli (Fall 2008)

dscf08662Adamah ended just one week ago and instead of easing myself back into the real world through travelling  small towns on the east coast, or spending time with other Adamahniks in Philadelphia, as some of my    friends wisely did, I stormed right into Manhattan. What better way to decompress from three months on a farm and living communally than in New York, amongst the hustle and bustle of city life? Right… not such a great idea. After spending two days finding a place to live when I return in January (check) to attend culinary school and working at the Hazon office to help prepare for the upcoming Food Conference, I got into my car, chock full of tasty organic treats and drove home to Chicago. Now, If I learned anything at Adamah, it’s that  gas is bad,  bikes are good, and we should all make biodiesel in the garage under our beds. (ok, I learned a LOT more than that and I knew the first two before I went to Adamah). I have been so proud to share our amazing slideshow with friends and family, to explain what we accomplished and what I learned, and to share our beautiful products, including a spread of dilly beans, firekraut and sauerkraut with my parents, and fire bomb jelly at dinner last night. I’m still in shock that I’m actually back home in a clean house (which I will mess up quickly to remind me of Adamah), and I’ve just started my first sprouts, and I have an apple butter project set with friends for next week. Slowly, I’m spreading the love of Adamah to everyone I know, and soon enough I’ll be reunited at the Food Conference. And by then, maybe I’ll be ready to head back to New York!


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