Winter update from the Picklearium

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By: Miriam (Summer ’06 and current Pickle Lady)

I was a little anxious about my first northeast winter (I’m from California). I was worried about the cold. I was worried about the mass exodus of my friends that happens every year at Freedman, about mid-December. I was worried about the kraut. Well, it turns out that I love the pristine cold beauty that is Connecticut in the winter. I also love the sweet and intimate group of people that stayed behind with me to brave the cold. And, the kraut… well, there were only 500 gallons of it. It shouldn’t be too hard to pack it into approximately 6,750 16oz. jars. Right?

Luckily we don’t have to pack it all into jars, because we’ve started selling our kraut in bulk to a local café in Great Barrington. They were serving our competitors, but after they tasted ours, decided to start an account with us, saying “we’d prefer to buy from you, since you are even more local and we like to do business with our friends.” So, our amazing team of winter fellows, Melissa Katz (Fall ’08 ) and Jonathan Dubinsky (of Teva fame), will help us pack half of the kraut into jars, while the other half will be reserved for our new bulk sales operation. We are also selling bulk chi to our friend Georges, at Noujaim’s Specialty Foods in Torrington, CT. He has created a kimchi falafel that is out of this world!

Including these two new accounts, we are now selling in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York at 6 local stores and markets, 2 café’s, 2 farm stands, 1 farmers market, 1 bookstore, and are also featured on the menu at 3 restaurants. I’ve included a list of all our locations at the bottom of this post.

So, what’s next? We need to get our products into more local markets and stores. We’ve defined our “local” radius as about an hour and a half drive, so we’ll start targeting stores and markets in Hartford, New Paltz, Northampton, Stockbridge and Lenox. If you have any connections to a store that might be interested in selling our products, please let me know at: Probably even more exciting to most of you, is that ADAMAH products are going to be available on a regular basis in NYC! We are going to coordinate with Hazon and Challah for Hunger and share a stand at the 97th St farmers market each week. We’ll post on the list serve once that officially begins, but you can start getting excited now.

I also need a pickle apprentice for this summer and fall. Is it you? Do you know who it is? I hope so! They should check out the post below for more information on the job and application. It’s going to be a fun, dirty, sweaty, spicy dill pickle, curry kraut, sauerreuben and Pickling Elderhostel filled few months!


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