Alumni spotlight: Eden Pearlstein

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By: Eden Pearlstein (Summer ’07)

Hey all you Adahmaniks out there- let me see your hoes in the air- doing tikkun olam like you really do care- about the earth and the air- and free trade- is it fair? or is there more to compare to….
Whoa…whoa…sorry about that…sometimes i just…anyways
My name is Eden Pearlstein, also know as EPRHYME.  Im Adamah alumni from the summer of 2007.  In the old days where we had to ride our bikes uphill both ways to and from the sadeh and we ran the chevy on carrot juice.  Adamah literally changed my life.  From the farming to the learning to the davenning, my experience at Adamah helped me connect in integrative and sustainable ways different elements of my life paths and passions.
Since my time at Adamah I have been working on playing- music that is.  I have been working on completing my first solo album.  I have received a grant from the Artist Trust of Seattle. And I have had a record (thats right a real record on vinyl) released by olympia based record label k records.  I did a 4 month intensive entreprnurial training for low income people provided by a non-profit organization in olympia called enterprise for equity. Amazing program.  It was based on the idea of “micro-loans” and “micro-enterprise” developed by an economist from india who actually won the nobel prize for his contribution to helping poor people all over the world empower themselves to be their own boss and master by providing entreprenurial education and small “micro loans” to people in poverty.  Through that program i was able to write a twenty page business plan for my music career.  It was really helpful. I had spent so many years working on my actual art and craft I had completely forgotten about the tachlis business side of getting my music out into the world. Very necessary.
I have most recently moved to brooklyn where I am furthering my musical quest.  I have been here for just over a month but have already played great shows like the sephardic music festival at the highline ballroom in manhattan and with matisyahu in williamsburg and a crazy fashion show in soho- all over the place.  I have begun working with a record label in nyc called modular moods/shemspeed.  They have been releasing young urban jewish music for years now and are releasing my full length album, which i was bootlegging this summer at isabella freedman, called  WAYWORDWONDERWILL.  It will be out in the fall of this year.
My next single will be out on k records this june.  My next show is on march 14th at the 92nd st. Y in manhattan.  And then i am off to austin, tx for the huge music industry showcase South by SouthWest- sxsw.  You can check out my music and random ramblings at: (eprhyme page coming soon)
And also look out for DARSHAN- the brainchild of me and SHIR YAAKOV begun in the summer of 2008 on site at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center…a “strum and bass” hip hop fusion soundtrack for Jewtopia…if any one knows any musicians in nyc we’re trying to put together a live ensemble for this project…let us know…

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