Winter almost over

February 27, 2009 at 8:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

By: Anna Stevenson (Farm manager, Summer ’07)

I wish.  Well, we’re getting there.  The snow starts to melt and it just feels like there is water everywhere, water moving…flowing through trees as sap and rivers rushing and the ground heaving with moisture and warming and getting ready for new growth!

I’ve been learning about cover crops and mechanical cultivation (weeding with a tractor).  I holed up with Tali Weinberg the other day and watched two videos from the Northeast SARE: “Farmers and their innovative cover-cropping techniques” and “Vegetable Farmers and their sustainable tillage practices“.  Really excellent videos, both of them, that interview a bunch of different farmers, show a lot of close-ups of freshly-tilled soil and sleek tractors.  And what it means for Adamah: a spring cover crop of peas and oats, on the beds where we didn’t plant a cover crop last fall (because there were crops in the ground too late); and some new shanks and sweeps on our 2-bar cultivator to keep the PATHS clear of weeds.  In looking through notes from last year, I realized we spent pretty much June – September weeding paths…hoping not to have to do that again.

It’s cold, but getting warmer….we’re getting there!



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