Season opener

March 9, 2009 at 11:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

By: Meg (Greenhouse manager and Fall ’06)

The empty greenhouse, just waiting for seedlings

The empty greenhouse, just waiting for seedlings

Last Thursday was a momentous day here at ADAMAH- the first day of seeding. Onions, those beautiful, slow growing bulbs, are the first things to be seeded in the greenhouse, ensuring that they have enough time to grow to the best of their oniony potential. Anna and Miriam joined me for the afternoon; helping to fill trays with soil, poke holes for the seeds and utilize those tricky Johnny’s tap seeders. Shamu made a cameo appearance- no one wants to miss the first day of seeding.

Seeding began a little later than expected this year (we aim for March 1st) because of complications with the greenhouse. Due to high fuel prices ( and environmental concerns) we decided to close down the greenhouse for the winter, something we’ve never done before. This process included draining all the water out of the tubing and winterizing the boiler. Needless to say, when we attempted to open the greenhouse two weeks ago we had some serious problems. Aitan, Ross and I formed the first ever ADAMAH plumbing team (I learned how to solder copper pipes!) and spent almost a week fixing things. Now, the boiler is up and running (Hooray!) and we’re dealing with other issues that are out of our realm of knowledge (electrical? pumps? Anyone?).

Soon it will look like this!

Soon it will look like this!

But the onions continue to be seeded. Today it’s 1400 storage onions; clear dawn is our variety of choice; followed by shallots, leeks and red onions. It feels amazing to be back in the greenhouse, working with soil and seeds while there is still snow on the ground. Working in the greenhouse is such a reminder of the cycles of life- thinking back to last year and the first time I seeded onions, and ahead to putting these baby plants in the ground and eventually to harvest. Happy seeding season!


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  1. Mazal Tov! May this season be as bountiful and productive as seasons past.

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