Blueberries for BeBee

March 30, 2009 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

By: Shamu (program director and fearless leader)100_3364

“A new overbuilt chicken hallway? New housing for the Adamahniks? The south wall of the Third Temple?”
What are those curvaceous corridors of cedar arising on Beebe Hill? A 540 foot long, 10 foot wide blueberry corridor! Shamu measured, marked and augered the holes with our new 3-point hitch, PTO driven post hole digger (wow!). Daniel Silverberg of London, Jerusalem and Freedman fame spent the week digging, placing and tamping the  74 12 foot long cedar posts. (Daniel was phenomenal: persistent and soul shining in the mud. Let him be an inspiration to our perspiration) The blueberry corridor marks the southern and wet edge of the two veggies fields at the new Kaplan Family Farm. It was pretty mucky down there. Daniel was stuck for 2 hours last Tuesday before we could make out his London-flavored calls for help. But do not fear, the young blueberry bushes (150) will be planted (in a few weeks) into raised beds so that their shallow roots are above the waters below. The posts will be connected by wires and draped with netting that will protect the luscious crop from the birds. What’s up this week on the new farm? Negotiating federal funding, scheduling well-drilling, finalizing the irrigation design, and chasing down the ghost of old-farmer Bebee. Stay tuned…


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