Chronicles of a Sap Queen: Part Four

April 6, 2009 at 7:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

By: Melissa (Winter fellow/Sap Queen ’09, Fall ’08)

100_3344I always knew the time would come when the maple trees would give their final drop of sap, but I never knew how sudden it would be. One day I was collecting 60 gallons of sap, and the next, Shamu was telling me that it was time to take down the buckets.

I knew that once the buckets came down, I was going to have a major identity crisis.

They say that with power, comes responsibility, and being sap queen made me realize that. Yes, I was queen of the sap and it was pretty much the most awesome thing ever, but what if one day I didn’t feel like being queen of the sap? What if one day I just wanted to be plain ol’ Melissa? There were times when I felt overwhelmed by my responsibility, and there were times when I let that feeling get the best of me.

While I was taking down buckets in the Kfar and talking to myself about my next power role, I came across a patch of ice. It was probably the only patch of ice left on camp and it made remember the journey that I had been through. Yes, the end of sap season is sad, but it shouldn’t be sad because I am putting down my crown, but it should be sad because it had been one of the most beautiful times I have had at Isabella Freedman. When I wasn’t hiking through the woods on a daily basis, I was sitting by a fire watching and tasting sap turn into deliciously sweet syrup. One of the greatest things about sap season, however, was seeing how excited the community had become. Everyone was willing to help out, and there were times when people just simply wanted to do it for themselves. In the end we made about 6 or so gallons of syrup, and everyone should get credit for this success. The Sadeh’s, Meg, Segulah, Anna, Miriam: we are all Sap Queens, and we can all get through the end of sap season together.


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  1. melissa, this is really beautiful. i hope to see you soon and taste the syrup!!!

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