Orchard Planting on BeBee Hill

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By: Miriam (Picklady and Summer ’06)

100_3640I feel so grateful that I have the honor of working year-round as Adamah staff.  It means that I get to experience the stunning beauty of this place in the still, quiet winter and during the bursting green, bird chirping songs of the spring. I get to work with inspiring people and to help run an amazing program.  It also means my friends come to visit me all the time (a whole bunch of them come on the same weekend in the fall every year!), and it means I get to participate in special events like planting the orchard on our new land at the Kaplan Family Farm.  Throughout the somewhat rainy day (last Sunday), we planted 30 fruit trees on Beebe Hill, from the native Paw Paw and Persimmon, to the Liberty Apple and Sungold Plum.  We sang sweet songs about trees and were reminded that even if the Messiah were to arrive just then, it was our duty to finish planting the trees before going to celebrate.

100_36421It felt so good to be present on this historic day, when Adamah began the process of growing it’s roots down deep on our own land!  I loved getting to dig in the dirt with old friends, carefully customizing a hole to fit the Star Stella Sweet Cheery tree that would grow to be twice as tall as I am, and would one day provide fruit for a shabbos cherry pie for the Adamahniks of 2016.  We had planted all the trees with help from a handful of alumni, the participants of our first-ever Spring Adamah cohort, and the beautiful children and parents from the GLBT rental group that just happened to be at Freedman for the weekend, and had wandered over to Beebe hill at just the right moment.   Our fantastic new Farm Apprentice, Biz, had even arrived a few days before the planting, just in time to start putting down her roots along with the fruit trees (more to come about Biz later).

100_3665At the end of the day, I looked up from Johnson Rd. at our new orchard.  I could still hear the heart-felt blessings that each planter bestowed upon the bare-branched and puny sized trees we were digging into the ground. Wishes for a healthy and productive life, promises to care for the trees, a hope that others find shelter in it’s shady growth and enjoy it’s fruit.  Our blessings swirled in the air around every plum, apricot, peach and pear.  The orchard is a beautiful sight.  I see it as a sign that Adamah is “standing like a tree… with our roots down low, branches wide open.”   I bless us all, that we have the chance to return to our roots at Adamah and eat a paw paw together, sitting in the shade of our orchard.


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