Heschel High School Comes to Adamah

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For the last three weeks we’ve been joined by the Heschel 5- a group of students from the Heschel school in NY. As part of their senior project the boys came out to Isabella Freedman to work with Adamah doing whatever needed to be done; mucking goat stalls, prepping and planting blueberries, transplanting in the sadeh. The following conversation between two of the students (J= Jared, M= Mack) gives a little insight into how they felt about their time with Adamah.

J: It’s cool the way they approach Judaism.  It’s practical.   It’s more focused on what an individual needs…what the entire world needs.  We’re here to make the earth a better place, not just for the Jews but for all of us.

M: I usually don’t need to try hard at anything but I realized that farming is a lot of hard work.  PICT0122

M:  I don’t wake up early to do things but I’m glad I had an experience where I could wake up early in the morning and get dirty.

Favorite activities:  playing guitar around campfire and getting to know each other, making fire, shoveling goat shit.

J: I had never been exposed to any type of farming.  I was amazed at how the roots work.  It brought me to a whole new level of consciousness– seeing roots underground, mulching.  I’d never thought about things like that, that they had to be done.

J:  There is no social pressure here.  You can be whoever you are.  I’m comfortable here, it’s like summer camp.  It’s more rustic living than I’ve experienced.
Today it was cold, I was wet, I knew I’d be getting dirtier.  It’s cool to work the land because it’s something I never would have done unless I came here.  Now if I want to go WWOOFing, I could say I worked here and go do that.

J:  It’s cool to plant things.
I’ve always eaten organic food and thought about the environment the way you do (at Adamah).

M: Some things I’d never heard of before, like kale.J:  It’s really a life choice, that’s why it’s difficult.  It’s not like I would ever need to live like this.  Farming is recreational for me, it’s not recreational for most of the rest of the world.  We have 7-11.

M: I’m not going to lie, I’m a high maintenance kid.

J: You’re at a whole different level of comfort out here.
I need less out here.  I don’t like having more all the time.

M&J: It showed me what I take for granted.

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