How’s it hoeing?

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By: Anna (Farm Manager and Summer ’07)

“Weed before you have to” says Dan Hayhurst at Chubby Bunny Farm, and this year in the sadeh we’ve really taken that to heart.  And, amazingly, the adamahniks love to hoe!  Biz has helped us with our technique (“It’s called a hula hoe — so you should really put your hips into it.  Practice dancing down the row with your hoe!”) and because of that, thank god! we have a beautiful, colorful and nearly weed-free field.


This year, we’ve also spread out our successions to help keep things manageable.  The first three beds (just three!) of tomatoes went in and were strung up within the week…and then a few weeks later, we planted the next round (you can see both successions in this photo, separated by peppers and eggplants):


Keeping the successions small has made it much easier to stay on top of things.  And much easier to solve problems when they arrise.  For instance, I forgot that flea beetles attack eggplants!  We’ve been dutifully covering our brassicas to protect them, but the first succession of eggplant — a bed and a half — I had left out at their own risk.  On Friday I noticed the tiny plants — most still only had 2 or 3 leaves — were COVERED with flea beetles!!!


Luckily, it was quite cold out and the little buggers were pretty dormant.  We went down the rows and squished them with our fingers!  “You want organic agriculture?! You got it!” I told the adamahniks, as we tried not to think about the black smears on the leaves and on our fingers.  We then quickly covered the beds with row cover to keep them from coming back, and covered the 2nd succession as well, which had just been planted that day.  I think we saved them….we’ll see.

The colors are once again bursting forth…rainbow chard, always the crowd pleaser, is coming up in full crinkly beauty…


…and the garlic stand once again, a new generation, proud and tall and just about ready to scape up!


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