Meet the Adamahniks: Tali

June 11, 2009 at 7:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
By: Tali (current fellow/ summer ’09)

When Megan asked me if I was interested in writing this blog, I jumped at the opportunity, but now as I sit in the Isabella Freedman office staring at the computer screen, I’m finding it harder than I thought it would be. How do I express in a few paragraphs all the unbelievable things that go on here?

Rachel and Tali in the tomatoes

Rachel and Tali in the tomatoes

In April I graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, with a BA in Philosophy. Like many recent grads, I have no interest or intention of pursuing a career in my field of expertise, so what better than spend a crazy 3 months on an organic farm with amazing people instead? I became interested in Adamah a few years ago after hearing about my sister Aviva’s experiences here when she was an Adamah fellow herself.
Even with her advice and stories from her Adamah days, I still didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into. Luckily for me, all my expectations were greatly surpassed in all aspects of this program. I learn so much every day. I learned that a hula hoe is not a derogatory Hawaiian term, but a great tool that I love to use in the Sadeh. I learned what poison ivy looks like. I know not to walk through a row of tomatoes when it rains (bacteria!). I learned how to milk a goat, collect eggs, and what to do when all the goats decide to run into the chicken coop at once (“Be the alpha goat. Don’t let it happen in the first place”)! I’m learning more about myself every day and about my 13 amazing fellows, who are all so great! I can’t even stress that enough, and if I tried, I would be writing this blog for 5 hours…and let’s be honest, we don’t get that much free time around here.
Only 3 weeks have passed since we all started, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. I’m loving my time here and can’t wait to see what the next couple of months have in store. The only thing I’m dreading is even considering leaving this place!

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