Opening Day of ADAMAH’s CSA!

June 17, 2009 at 4:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today is the first drop off of the 2009 CSA season. We’ll be down in White Plains, at Temple Israel Center, from 4-8pm selling pickles and sampling our goat dairy products, as well as meeting the shareholders on their first day of vegetable pick up!  Come meet us!

Here’s the note we sent to shareholders last week….we generally give them news form the farm every week, which we’re going to post here, too ;0)

The season so far has gone amazingly well.  The Adamah Fellows have been here for three weeks, and everyone is getting comfortable with transplanting, covering the plants for insect protection, and using the hoe!  The beds are pretty free from weeds, which means the vegetables are able to take full advantage of sun, rain and nutrients in the soil.

It’s always hard to plan when crops are ready…we had several dry weeks, followed by one extremely wet one…some plants will do well with these conditions, and others will take a little longer.  The best we can do is plant a lot of different kinds of vegetables, and hope for the best!

This week’s Torah portion, Beha’alotecha, recalls the Israelites longing for the familiar foods of Egypt, the cucumbers and onions and the leeks, and revolting at the new and strange food manna.  We hope that the vegetables this summer will take you back to the comforting memories of childhood — vine ripe tomatoes, juicy peppers, just-cut lettuce.  And yet there may also be some vegetables you’ve never heard of, that, though delicious and nutritious just like the manna in the desert, may seem strange and foreign to you.  We hope you’ll stick with us, and try the new vegetables, and we’ll do our best to show you how to cook with them.  It’s our hope that this CSA season conjure up memories of delicious meals past, and present many oportunities for feasts you’ve yet to experience!

This week’s share will likely include: rainbow chard (if the rabbits don’t eat it all!), kale, daikon radish, tatsoi (an asian cooking green), scallions, garlic scapes and fresh mint.  We may get some beets and kohlrabi that size up enough — as of right now, they are just an inch round, but perhaps with all the rain they’ll be ready this week.  If not…look forward to those vegetables coming soon.


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