Greenhouse/ Gan Update

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By: Meg (Greenhouse manager and Fall ’06)

Magic is happening all around the Gan and in the greenhouse. The first succession of beans, which were seeded two weeks ago, finished their brief childhood and were moved into the cold frame yesterday (they’re huge!). I like to think of the cold frame as the “college dorm” of the greenhouse- the plants living there are ready to leave home (the greenhouse),where they get babied with twice daily waterings and a temperature controlled environment,  but not quite ready to be on their own. The cold frame is their hardening off space, getting the plants ready for tougher conditions of the sadeh. PICT0318
This year we’re making an effort to save more of our own seed. This beet plant (look at how big it got! from just one beet!) hibernated in the ground of the magen david garden all winter( after surviving a transplant from the sadeh), waiting to be awakened by spring so it could send forth its seed. As soon as the seeds are mature we will harvest them- and have some of our own beet seeds for next year!

Five lucky tomato plants got a place in the hoop house this season. Anna and I decided to try some new varieties this year, including a peacevine cherry tomato, Pruden’s Purple (a heirloom) and a White Wonder. The Pruden’s Purple wins the award for the first hoop house tomato to produce fruit.


The first calendula blooms of the season appeared this year. Calendula was  something we successfully seed saved last year- our own calendula plants  are decorating the peah in the sadeh!

As we move into the summer the greenhouse will be winding down, seeding will be mostly over and the greenhouse will become home to curing onions and eventually winter squash. But the Gan will keep going, and a whole new cycle of seed saving will begin!PICT0327


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