Meet the Adamahniks: Laura

July 16, 2009 at 9:04 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well, hello, there blog readers! I wanted to share some recent pictures I’ve taken — some snapshots of my recent life here at Adamah. Quickly about me: My name is Laura, and I’ve been living in Cambridge, MA, for the past nearly 5 years. Now I’m a Summer ’09 Adamahnik, and I’m as happy as I could possibly be. I’m glad to be writing to you.

The sadeh has been thriving wonderfully since the Great Flooding Scare of Summer ’09. Our first beds of tomatoes Adamah 4 011are getting closer and closer to readyness for harvesting. They are big and plump, but they are not red yet. They need more sun, and I can happily report that there has been a good deal more of that in July than there was in rainy June.

Also perking up and getting ready for harvest are our green peppers! They won’t be ready for tomorrow’s harvest, but see how pretty they are? Adamah 4 013

Every Wednesday is CSA harvest day. Take a look at our gorgeous   bins   from last week!Adamah 4 012

I personally harvested the rainbow chard. It’s beautiful, no?

Adamah 4 022

We are busy, busy, busy here with many different tasks. It’s nice when we can take out a little time to just walk around the sadeh Adamah 4 019and assess how it’s doing, what’s growing, and what our next steps are. Here are some of us, and the recently arrived Elat Chayim interns, doing a walk-through of the sadeh last week.

One big task that we are finishing up is the mobile chicken coop that Johanna blogged about recently. Tonight we are having a Chicken Moving Party! The hens will be relocated from the Hen House in the barnyard, via the completed mobile chicken coop, up to their new home on Beebe Hill. Should be a fun and interesting party!

Here are some pictures from the construction of the chicken coop– one early on, and one later with the roof. The coop really looks amazing now with siding and doors and windows and chicken wire. I will take pictures of the Moving Party tonight, and hopefully we can post those here so you can see how it all went down and what the totally finished product looks like (maybe even with chickens inside!).
Adamah 4 022_1

Adamah 4 037

Thanks for reading, and take care.


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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the completed tractor.

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