These are a few of my favorite things… Bikes and Chickens!

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By: Molly (Current Adamahnik)
Two years ago, while picking up my family’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share at the JCC, I saw a sign for a bike training ride. It turns out that it was a Hazon ride, which led me to Bike to the Beach, and finally, The New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride. Hazon not only shaped that summer, but changed my life. I got to volunteer for Hazon and come to Isabella Friedman a couple days before the ride to help them set up. I felt welcomed and comfortable in this new Jewish Environmental community. On that ride, I met some of the Adamahniks and I remember thinking, “Wow, they are so beautiful and full of life. I don’t think I could ever be a farmer and live on this land like them!”

Anyway, I can’t believe I made it here. The Hazon ride, all 150 miles, redirected my life. And since I’ve been at Adamah this summer, I’ve been blessed with constant reminders of how I got here. Whether its the occasional visit from Nigel Savage, Director of Hazon, friends from the ride, or the daily reminder that I am now an Adamahnik.

Which brings me to the present… We just started our training rides for the Hazon ride! Last week, we followed the lovely Super Ben around Connecticut a whole 7.3 miles. It’s not quite 100 miles, or even 50 for that matter, but it was a great start! Just being on the road with these guys reminded me of the support and love I feel in this place. The idea of building community, changing the world together, and doing all of this outside on a bike gets me really excited!

Please join us on the ride or help us by making a contribution!Molly Dunn 4

Browse the Hazon website and you can make a contribution to the team “Adamaniacs”. Here is a picture of me on the ride two years ago. From the look on my face, I’d guess I’m at mile 75!

On a completely different note, I’ve been on the chicken coop building team, and we have finally finished! Last week, Shamu, our program director, got on the tractor and we drove the chicken coop to its new home on Beebee Hill. It was an exciting and empowering event. Here is a picture of the coop on the road and a picture of the building crew!

chickencoop chickencoop1


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  1. Hi Molly,

    Nigel sent the Hazon board a link to your blog and Jon forwarded it to me. I was SO happy to read about all of your doings since that fateful Bike to the Beach. I will never forget that crazy subway trip back uptown and how you just became a Drill. My boys loved you and I loved you too. Now look at you! An Adamah-nik who truly will change the world.
    Kol hakavod to you and keep on doing amazing things — whether it’s building chicken coops, riding your bike or just being a wonderful friend.
    You’ll see Jon and Ben and Josh on the Labor Day ride but I have to work.
    (Ben, by the way, is riding his bike from Oregon to New Jersey this summer… he’s in Wyoming right now!)
    What a treat to read about you and all the best, with friendship, Paula

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