It’s pickle season!

August 10, 2009 at 8:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


Greetings from the peak of PICKLE season.  We are fermenting up a storm here in the Cultural Center and loving it.  Our kosher dill pickles have never tasted so sour or been so crunchy… delicious!  Dilly beans are on their way and we even made the first ever batch of early summer kimchi.  The blueberry jam is sweet and our beets are bright and tangy.  The Adamah fellows are busting it out and putting their all into helping us pickle every last little cuke that comes through our doors.  I don’t know what Lauren and I would do without them.  We’ve made 17 batches of pickles in just one month, but that isn’t all we’ve done.

We teamed up with the Manhattan JCC day-camp at Pearl River and taught over one hundred 5 to 10 year old campers how to make their own jar of pickles.  It was a total success!  Only one glass jar broke, no one got hurt, and we’ve heard that everyone’s pickles came out tasting great.  It’s a good sign for Adamah’s future, as we extend our programming beyond just a fellowship.  Another area we are extending ourselves is our pickle line.  We spent a few days experimenting with new pickle flavors, so keep your eye out for some spicy spears and far east fenugreek dills.P1000781
-Picklady Miriam


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  1. […] with the faux Judaic kick, I visited the Young Jewish Farmers stand and sampled some of their Adamah pickles. These were very unusual because they were not marinated in vinegar, like 99% of all pickles, but […]

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