In between week

September 9, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

By: Meg (Greenhouse manager/ Fall ’06)

This week is the week that we the staff have named the “in between week”, meaning the one week in between the summer and fall sessions of ADAMAH. Yesterday Biz, Shamu, Aitan, Anna, Meira (Fall ’06! who has been helping out this week) and I spent the afternoon doing a deep clean of Beit Adamah, getting it ready for the new folks to arrive. Bikes, tents and tarps will all be checked and repaired this week, and put in order for the new fellows. This morning I had the pleasure of taking part in an early morning CSA harvest. We harvested peppers (red and chocolate bells), eggplants, parsley, salad mix, beautiful ruby red chard and cabbages, and as we speak Aitan and Benjy are delivering them to our hungry CSA members in White Plains.1

The last few weeks of the summer session were filled with so much joy! Anna and Naf (farm manager and former greenhouse manager) got married two weekends ago, and the staff schleped to Rochester to participate in the celebration. The wedding was full of Anna and Naf, the food was locally sourced, the lamb and goats were butchered by the bride and groom themselves, and the wedding pamphlet was littered with beautiful information about local, sustainable, kosher food.  Mazal Tov!

The week before the wedding also saw a visit from Josh “The Pickler” Rosenstein, who had left ADAMAH a little over a year ago to start a new life in Israel. While visiting Josh made a batch of his famous jalapeno spread (it has another name as well, which I can’t pronounce and can’t imagine how to spell) which was for sale at the end of the Hazon ride and will continue to be sold until it is all gone.

Last weekend was the Hazon bike ride, which was a great final weekend for the summer Adamahniks. The group included people who had done the ride before, and someone (no names!) who before coming to ADAMAH didn’t know how to ride a bike! A great weekend was had by all, full of eating, singing, yogaing, and of course biking.

On Sunday the Fall cohort arrives and the cycles begins again. Updates from the fall adamahniks soon!



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  1. Schug?

  2. yesher ko’ach to the unnamed person who learned to bike! miss you guys

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