An update from Adamah’s CSA

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Each week Anna, Biz or one of the Adamahniks writes an email to the members of our CSA. These letters update people on what is going on in the fields; how the crops are growing, what the weather is like, what kinds of work we’ve been doing. The letter also includes a list of the veggies in this week’s CSA box. You’ll notice that we’re starting to get into fall vegetables; squash, turnips, carrots and other roots are making their way out of the ground and into people’s refrigerators. The letters also often include tips for using lesser known veggies. Here is last week’s letter, written by the farm apprentice, Biz.

Dear CSA supporters, 

We are in full swing with our fall Adamah group and they are a spunky group of kind hearted, passionate, thoughtful young people.  I feel blessed to have an opportunity to work with another group of wonderful  fellows.  Today we had our first day of the new year in the sadeh.  We harvested and then uprooted all the bean plants.  Anna showed us some of the nitrogen fixing bacteria that forms small nodules on the roots of the plants.  They were abundant!  This means that while the beans were growing they were also giving back some nitrogen to the soil.  

Fall is really peeking its head out from under the morning fog as we watch the mountainside change colors and as we watch our field begin to shift from vegetable production to cover crop.  

The harvest this week will likely include:

delicata squash
swiss chard

We hope you enjoy this harvest!  I’ve been making vegetable soup with the turnips, squash and carrots.  Don’t forget to save your veggie scraps to make soup stock!  

Wishing you warmth on these cold mornings, 

The epic winter squash harvest! Photo by Julia Gazdag

The epic winter squash harvest! Photo by Julia Gazdag


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