Alumni update: Aviv Gerber

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By Meg (Greenhouse manager)

I had the pleasure of visiting Aviv Gerber (Summer 2007, Farm Apprentice 2008) last week in Emeryville, CA (outside of Oakland) at the industrial kitchen where he works for a company called Scream Sorbet. Scream Sorbet began in March of 2008, the brain child of three co owners, one of whom is a pastry chef, another a physicist. The idea behind this enterprise focuses on fresh, local, mostly organic fruit and veggies, purchased from the growers at local farmer’s markets. The produce is simply prepared; peppers are roasted and peeled, raspberries are pureed, lemons are juiced; and then blended with beet sugar and frozen. The frozen fruit and sugar mixture is then whipped with the help of a super fancy, high tech Swiss machine, which makes the sorbet as creamy as any ice cream I have ever tried. webscoop554

Scream sorbet is currently sold only at farmer’s markets, 27 of them in the San Fransisco area. Soon they hope to open a retail shop in downtown Oakland.

Not only did I get to visit the beautiful kitchen where these goodies were prepared, I also got to taste them. The flavors are incredible. There are staples like strawberry, chocolate, and raspberry; and more unique  flavors such as persimmon, maple walnut (made using walnut butter) and fennel citrus. The commitment to seasonality is evidenced in some of the more unusual flavors that Scream produces, including roasted sweet corn, cucumber mint, and beet lemon. We even got to try an experimental pickle flavor!

It seems perfect that Aviv, who spent a season at ADAMAH as the farm apprentice,

growing produce for the first season of the CSA as well as the first commercial pickling season; would go on to work at a local company, with seasonal fruits and veggies, and a product that is sustainably and locally produced. Yay for sorbet!


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