ADVA Reunion Update!

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Dearest alumni!!!

The reunion is fast approaching and there are over 130 of you signed up! There aren’t many spots left! Register now at!

Many of you are probably wondering “So what are we actually gonna do at the reunion, besides just hang out and have the best time ever?” Good, no – GREAT – question…


We’re having a farmer’s market/craft & program fair/seed swap! What sorts of cool projects have you involved yourself in these days? Do you work for a place that’s so great you have to tell everyone about it? Would you like to see Dr. Shamu’s personally designed line of fashionable grease-stained wear on display?* WHAT?! Come to the reunion’s market fair and find out!

Sign up now to reserve a full table or just space for a pile of fliers for your cool program or business, sell your t-shirts, books or calendars or to barter your special magic sunflower seeds!

Program Fair: Melissa Simon,

Craft Fair: Shira Salcman,

Farmer’s Market/Seed Swaperoo: Miram Feiner, or Lauren Weinberg,


What will we learn at the reunion? TONS!

We’ve got networking events with master networker Adam Berman, an exclusive tour of the Isabella Freedman solar panels with Adamah alum and solar panel guru Jason Ross, talks about alternative approaches to education, how to maximize your urban growing space and more….

Saturday Night Auction!

Were you really excited to watch Adam creatively raise money from a relatively broke group of 20-somethings? Looking forward to slouching in your chair so he wouldn’t call you out to drop your coffee-a-day habit in exchange for donating to Adamah? Sorry to disappoint, but we’re going in a different direction this year.

Come bid at the Saturday Night Auction instead and support Adamah and Teva! Sign up to auction off lessons, a homemade craft, a date, some friendly cuddle time or anything else clever you can think of. (I don’t know about you, but if Becca Weaver makes it, I’m bidding on it.) Get creative and have fun!

Contact Jakir Manela at to sign up for the auction.

See you soon at this epic event! Register before space runs out at

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