ADAMAH’s Urban Sustainability Shabbat with Jewish Farm School

November 16, 2009 at 9:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

By: Julia Gazdag (Current Adamahnik)

Alright. For this blog entry to work, we’ll need to use our imaginations and pretend it’s  November 1, which is when I was 4066755613_0f046c95a5_bsupposed to write this. Alas, farm life leaves you with precious little free time and energy, which I’ve flagrantly donated to phoning home (assuming I find service up here in the woods) instead of blogging.

Until now! Let’s rewind, shall we, to the last weekend of October, and the third annual Jewish Farm School weekend workshop in Philadelphia. I mean, as far as field trips go, this one was pretty sweet.

We arrived at the JFS house and were greeted by Nati Passow, the founder/director of the program. Dazed from the drive and bearing endless bins of Sadeh veggies and apples, we settled into our respective homes for the weekend and returned to Nati’s for Shabbat celebrations. Throughout Shabbat there was learning of an agricultural nature, permaculture study, a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop, and of course, homegrown meals accompanied by much loud singing.

4067534408_064e25a804_bSunday we went to Monster Haus, an urban sustainability project in Philadelphia. After a tour of the house’s interior, greywater system, and garden (complete with compost pile and cobb oven) we set to work on the grounds. Flowers were planted, paths were mulched, sweet potatoes harvested and garlic planted. The compost pile was restructured, and vegan chili was cooked in the kitchen. It’s amazing how much can be done with an urban space, and how a little bit of green can go a long way.


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  1. LOVE IT!!! thanks for the ideas. we’re a greenhouse and garden in camden, and we’re excited about the sustainability efforts in our region as well!

    Best Regards,
    Andrea Ferich

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