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November 17, 2009 at 11:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
  • By: Lauren Weinberg (Current Pickle Apprentice and Fall 2007)
  • About two weeks ago, Miriam (Picklady) and I held our
    Lacto-Fermentation 101 class for the fantastic crew of fall
    Adamahniks. We’ve been working non-stop in the Cultural Center
    (formerly the Picklearium) since the start of the season, and decided
    to take an afternoon off Kraut and Kimchi production to teach the
    history and science behind the Lacto-Fermentation process.

    Prior to our class, Miriam and I decided we should incorporate some
    sort of silly skit to get the Adamahniks stoked about
    Lacto-Fermentation. We discussed a few possible ideas, and before I
    knew it, I was stepping inside of one of our 55 gallon fermentation
    barrels. The plan: I would hide inside of the barrel while Miriam
    acted annoyed that I was late to our class, and in the meantime (ie:
    while I was crouched down in the barrel) figure out what I would do
    when I emerged. Mind you, I have zero improv or contortionist

    The scene: The Adamahniks filed into the Cultural Center, Miriam asked
    if anyone had seen me on their way to class (I tried not to giggle or
    make any movements from inside the barrel), then Miriam started off
    the class with a pickle meditation. She distributed delicious Adamah
    Dills to all Adamahniks, and asked everyone to take a few minutes to
    observe the pickle; taste it, hear the crunch, smell the brine. You
    get the idea.

    At this point, I had been in the barrel for a little over 10 minutes
    and it was time to emerge (my legs were starting to fall asleep). I
    popped the lid off the barrel, stood up, and launched into my
    monologue in a ridiculous accent (think Lower East Side Pickle Monger
    meets Dr. Schmaltzenfus) regarding my feelings toward the pickle
    meditation….”What is this meditation business!? You must become ONE
    with the pickle!” I’m uncertain that my re-telling does the scene much
    justice but the look of surprise and confusion on the Adamahniks’
    faces was priceless. Top that, Cirque Du Soleil!

    Following the class, each of the Adamahniks were invited to experiment
    with ingredients and create their own recipe. Salt, spices, cabbage,
    root veggies, and apples were flying. It was a fermentation frenzy!

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  1. Ah, good old Adamah staff, always trying to pull a fast one.

    Wish I was there!

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