All Hail the Sap Queen

March 3, 2010 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

By: Anna Hanau

Cosi revaya…cosi revaya…

We gathered around the large maple tree near the office this morning to officially open the maple syrup season of 2010.  It was, as Shamu pointed out, the 10,000th year of sapping, since we’ve been at it since the last Ice Age receded and the northeast became the premier climate for Sugar Maples.

To mark such an auspicious moment, the ceremony began with the mixing of last year’s sap with this year’s snow.  The hint of smokiness in the syrup (we boil our sap over an open wood fire) reminded me of last year’s delightful afternoons spent watching the billows of steam and smoke fade against the late-winter sky.  We’re ready for spring, and if you sit near enough to the fire, you can be outside without a hat and jacket…almost there…

Lauren Weinberg, our Sap Queen, officially unveiled the Sap Queen Hat, a sturdy furred and ear-flapped cap that will also help her to camouflage at Russian drinking parties or the local furtraders outpost.

And Yonah and Jamie drilled the first tap into the tree, hung the bucket, affixed the lid, and waited for the tell-tale ‘plunk plunk plunk’ of dripping sap into the buckets.  Unfortunately, it was a little cold, so the sap didn’t start flowing on command…but we sure do look forward to it in days to come.

Cosi revaya — may our cups overflow with joy, our buckets overflow with sap, and winter overflow into spring



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  1. exciting! wish i was there!

  2. Kudos to the sap queen and the whole crew at Adamah for beginning a new maple season, and keeping the cycle alive.

    What marvelous pancake breakfasts you will have!

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