Adamah Apprenti 2010

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What a season it’s going to be with these strong, smart and rock’n’roll ladies!  I got a chance to check in with them in the pasture last week.  Here’s what I learned.

(by Anna)

So, you’ve been here for a few days already – what’s the most exciting thing you’ve done so far?

Julia & Emi: Seeing baby goats be born

Emi: And wiping the goo off them!

Lauren: Seeing the first shoots up in the greenhouse for sure.

Where did you grow up, and what are you most looking forward to about the season?

Emi: Lodi, California.  I’m looking forward to cooking with vegetables right off the farm.  And possibly developing delicious new cheeses. Moldy ones.

Julia: I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun, and watching the goats grow up over the summer.  I’m from Berkeley, CA.

Lauren: I’m psyched to meet the Adamahniks, and get down and dirty on the farm.  Watch the vegetables grow, and eat them.  I grew up in Mission Hills, KS.

Do you have a favorite tool you’re bringing to Adamah?

Lauren: I have a Leatherman that I’ve had for years, but never really had a chance to use.  I’m thrilled to carry it around in my pocket now.  It’s already covered in dirt!

Emi: We’ve been lining the walls of the milking parlor – that is, putting up walls where before it was just studs.  I’ve been using the circular saw a lot to cut the boards and really enjoying that.

Julia: I’d have to say the mallet.  It has a lot of uses.  At the moment – it’s useful for banging wall boards into place, but I’m sure I’ll use it for a lot of things.

There are a lot of stereotypes about farmers and farmer-types, so I have to ask the big question: how do you feel about kale?

Julia: I say NO to dino kale.

Emi: I agree. Too chewy.  I like the curly kale though.

Julia: Me too.

Lauren: I don’t discriminate against leafy greens. I’m a kale enthusiast.

Any favorite tunes you’re brining to the farm?

Emi: When completing a difficult task, you can expect to hear “Eye of the Tiger.”  I’ll be doing a triumphant dance with a lot of fist-pumping.

Lauren: We listened to a lot of R&B and soul in the Cultural Center last year…I expect you’ll be hearing me belt out renditions of Aretha Franklin faves in the field…

Julia: Depends on the mood.  But I do have some songs I like to sing to the goats at night.

Lauren: Me too! I sing to the chickens!

Good night ladies, good night hens

Good night ladies, thank you for being my friends.

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