An update from Adamah’s CSA

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Ellie’s most recent note to our CSA members in White Plains:

Hello from Adamah!

We hope you enjoyed your veggies from the first week of the CSA!  It was such a wonderful experience to meet all of you and your families and to delight together over the harvest.  I also hope that those of you who received vegetables you have never eaten before had great cooking adventures in the kitchen.

Harvesting the vegetables, and then bringing them to you, is really when all of the work we have put into the fields feels complete.  To watch the plants grow from seeds in the greenhouse, then weeding and hoeing them, making sure they don’t get eaten by tenacious beetles, and then finally to pull fruit off the vine (or out of the ground) and know it will be eaten is amazing!

The fields are looking more and more full as the season progresses.  Our pepper plants have their first tiny green peppers and the eggplant have gorgeous purple blossoms that will soon turn to fruit.    Because of all the rainy weather we’ve received, the plants are doing beautifully with lush green leaves, but the weeds are enjoying the rain just as much!  The Adamahniks are busy weeding, weeding, and weeding.  Although we are still in the season of spring greens, like lettuce, bok choi, and chard, we are slowly moving into more summery veggies like carrots, peas, and basil.

This week we mulched our onions with straw and finished trellising our tomatoes, two really big projects.  Mulching onions helps keep weeds down and moisture in (onions love cool, wet soil!)

This past weekend was the new moon (Rosh Chodesh) of Tammuz.  Kabbalistically, the theme of the month is about seeing truth and using our sense of sight to see beauty in the world.  As we look out over the fields at Adamah, we are blessed with a vision of growth and bounty.   I hope that you can feel and taste all of that beauty in your vegetables.

From the farm,

Ellie (Adamah Farm Manager)


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