Blessing Each Day

November 22, 2010 at 5:07 pm | Posted in adamahniks, spirituality | Leave a comment

(I dedicate this entry to those who have supported me on the bicycle, in the beginning, over hills, or just solely through spirit.)

Creativity, joyfulness, patience, community, singing, health, gratefulness, understanding, journey/process, freedom paired with stability/reliability, being able to hold contradictory ideas, diversity in prayer spaces honesty, and prayer. *

Each day being here and participating in this fellowship brings up new emotions. My first days here I woke up with fear and nervousness in the pit of my stomach. However, with each day my nerves have eased because of these people and their willingness to share their values with me. Many times I have been too scared to have a real conversation but, the simple presence of each one of these fellows gives me hope that I will learn, gain, change and give just as they do each and every day. I struggle with my challenges internally each day but with these new teachers and friends I am learning not to only feel these nervous feelings but to celebrate the small successes that I achieve each day. This is the new value that I have acquired from this group.

Each person does have something to celebrate and bless each day. Whether it be that you successfully made your bed, smiled at someone who needed to see or feel a smile or rode/walked your bicycle over so many hills (even though you wanted to give up within the first five minutes). Stopping and taking the time to be proud of yourself and others is challenging but oh so rewarding. Blessing each day differently for its uniqueness is a value that is becoming central to not only my experience here but hopefully my life outside of Adamah as well.

*I spend my days with 13 other people who all value different things and ideas. These values were shared during a class exploring the idea of blessings.

Submitted by Ashley Lauber, Fall 2010 Adamah Fellow


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