Meet our Fall 2010 Fellows!

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Rachel Bedick, known in these parts as Rachel Freyja, and sometimes just Freyja, is from Providence, Rhode Island. After graduating from Wesleyan University, she lived in Boston and participated in the Jewish Organizing Initiative, where she worked for an anti-poverty agency orgaizing around housing issues. This past summer, she biked from Vancouver, British Columbia to Regina, Saskatchewan with with The Otesha Project. Rachel is so excited to be living in her tent and braving the cold this Fall!

Rachel Bickel is from Erie, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Mount Holyoke College. Before coming to Adamah, Rachel worked at the Boston Jewish Film Festival and most recently spent the past year doing research at Tel Aviv University and studying at Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies. This year in Jerusalem was an experience that she has carried into the Adamah community with a love for discussing Jewish texts and philosophy. Here at Isabella Freedman, Rachel has rediscovered her love of autumn, the natural world, dry clothes and digging three-foot holes in the barnyard.

Gabriel Crane grew up in Berkley, California and recently has traveled in Asia, lived in the Artist’s Warehouse in West Oakland, and worked for Wilderness Torah. While he is not working in the sadeh, the cultural center, or the barnyard, he may be found writing his novel or practicing qi gung.

Shimon Darwick previously worked at Freedman in the kitchen and as a yoga instructor and now is back as an Adamahnik! In the last year, Shimon has worked at Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica and also at the Omega Teen Camp in New York. Bringing laughter into the sadeh, the milking parlor, and yes, even the kimchi. Shimon cultivates a lighthearted vibe in the Adamah community.

Davida Ginsberg is from West Hartford, Connecticut and is a recent Smith College graduate. Most recently, she was the producer of her father’s greener living radio show and also a medical translator for Spanish speaking migrant farm workers. Davida finds that raking pine needles, milking goats, and peeling the skins off of boiled beets gives her the perfect space to pause and reflect on her life post-college.

Faryn Hart is originally from South Africa, but most recently has been at the Hazon Food Conference, residing in San Francisco, and inhabiting a tree house as manager of the Hostel in the Forest, a non-profit environmental teaching center/retreat center. Faryn is a wonderfully peaceful presence (and expert challah baker) in the Adamah community.

Helen Bennett is from Seattle, Washington and a recent graduate of the University of Washington where she studied Community Planning, Religion, and Jewish Studies. Well-practiced in community building from living in the Sherwood Cooperative in Seattle, Helen also got a taste for organic farming wwoofing on Orcas Island for a summer. With a love for crafts and teaching new tunes to old songs, Helen has much to share with the Adamah community.

Mónica Gomery is from Brookline, Massachusetts and is an evolving poet and spiritual leader. Before coming to join the Adamah community this Fall, she studied at Yeshivat Hadar in New York and orchestrated arts and literacy programming for children in Philadelphia. One day, You may find Mónica as the owner of a hair salon the also offers Torah study sessions, creative writing workshops, and tarot readings.

Ariel Kohane is from Columbus, Ohio and recently graduated from The Ohio State University. Before Adamah, she worked for an online Jewish match-making website in Manhattan. While at Adamah, Ariel is soaking up every aspect of Jewish learning and sustainable agriculture in anticipation of her upcoming job as the Environmental Jewish Programming Fellow at Agudas Achim Synagogue in Columbus!

Ashley Lauber, from Long Island, is a recent graduate of SUNY Binghamton and in the last year studied and lived in Madrid. At Adamah, Ashley has challenged herself by learning to ride a bike for the first time. Already, she has become quite the expert and made it all the way to the falls!

Alysa Lerman, from Texas and New Jersey, recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. Alysa has come to Adamah after a summer of exploring the southwest and other intentional communities. While at Adamah, Alysa has found a love of everything beet-related: harvesting, washing, pickling, and, of course, eating!

Shana Orlansky is from New Orleans and is a recent graduate of Indiana University. During a Jewish Farm School-led spring break trip in college, Shana got a taste for organic farming in California, which sparked her interest to come to Adamah. Shana is known for concocting delicious treats in the kitchen and surprising the group with items like fried green tomatoes and raspberry crumble.

Avi Silverman is from Tampa, Florida and before coming to Adamah, Avi spent about 7 months traveling to various intentional communities and organic farms across the United States. Avi is the resident engineer of this Fall season of Adamah; while he specializes in electrical engineering, he has proven to be very good at fixing bikes, building sukkahs, and making maps of goat pastures.

Steven Wynbrandt is a skilled and dynamic experiential educator, directing children’s programs through music, surfing and soccer. Eighteen months ago, Steven embarked on the single greatest endeavor of his life: transforming his childhood home backyard in Los Angeles from a shaded field of weeds and 50 ft trees into a sun-soaked, French Intensive, Biodynamic, urban mini-farm (! He recently started an edible gardening business and is here at Adamah sowing the seeds of connection between the act and miracle of growing food and Judaism.

Submitted by Davida Ginsberg Fall 2010 ADAMAH Fellow

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