A Tour of Adamah Fall Projects

December 2, 2010 at 10:10 am | Posted in adamahniks | Leave a comment

This post was submitted by Davida Ginsburg, Fall 2010 ADAMAH fellow.

As the Fall Adamah season begins to wind down, I have found it incredibly fulfilling to watch the projects we have begun post-harvest season develop and take on a life of their own.  The projects have not only physically transformed physical spaces at Adamah, but also they have aided in our own transformation as we have cultivated creativity, leadership, and problem solving skills while preparing herb beds on Beebe Hill for Adamah’s new tea line, putting new anti-freeze in the Greenhouse pipes, raking leaves to create future stores for compost and mulch, and tanning goat hides.  While some of these projects may seem rather mundane compared to the glamor of harvesting ripe, juicy tomatoes and karate-chopping leek stems, these projects have illuminated a different kind of splendor: the process of transformation.

Take the stone-filled stairs, for example, which have suddenly appeared in the sloping, muddy hillside by the cultural center and the Adamah office.  Their grand, sweeping presence adds a new dimension to this hillside that we have all scrambled up and down countless times.  Having watched the process of the stairs unfold, however, is what makes hopping and skipping up and down them now so blissful.  As Freyja and Alysa measured, leveled, and schlepped loads of rocks, they transformed the slope and made it into something new.

Just around the corner from these fabulous new stairs awaits a cluttered basement – boxes of clothes, files to be shredded, a lone pool table on its side, and myriad unidentifiable objects.  Believe it or not, this is where my project has unfolded.  First, Faryn, Shana, Helen, and I waded and sifted through mountains of abandoned items and transformed trash into reusable kitchenware, wardrobe additions, and craft ideas.  Now that the space can breathe easier, with the addition of Avi we have begun securing blue foam insulation to the concrete walls in the efforts of realizing the final vision: an indoor lounge space for future Adamahniks, replete with bathroom and kitchen.  Measuring and cutting, wiring electrical outlets, and becoming versed in a new vocabulary that includes words like “wooden splines” and “ramset gun,” I have noted a personal shift from feeling daunted by the task to now reveling in the sleekness of the insulation that lies flush against the concrete.

Today, we nearly finished with the insulation, and soon we will begin attaching the sheet rock layer, a task that will provide a whole new set of challenges and learning opportunities.  I am so grateful for these opportunities to not only challenge myself, but also to become involved in these taken-for-granted tasks that also radiate a light of possibility, of change, of process and transformation.

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