Grow and Behold in the NY Times

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ADAMAH Alumni, Naf and Anna Hanau of Grow and Behold Foods were featured in Joan Nathan’s recent article in the New York Times.

“A few months ago, near his sukkah in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Naf Hanau grilled chicken wings and legs for lunch as the hens he raises for eggs roamed around in the backyard. He is the founder and owner of Grow and Behold, a small pasture-raised kosher meat company with farms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. His chicken can be ordered online and shipped all over the country.

“We are producing an old-fashioned chicken for the modern world,” he said. “We are encouraging people to use all of the parts in the way our ancestors did. With every package of livers we sell we include instructions for koshering the liver and a recipe for traditional chopped liver.”

Grow and Behold sells chickens for $6 or $7 a pound, a bit above the prices of some of its competitors in the high-end kosher poultry niche like Red Heifer Farm and Wise Organic Pastures. Mr. Hanau says he has found an avid audience, even at the premium price.

Nearby, his wife, Anna, 28, served pickles made with wild fermentation that comes from a saltwater brine rather than the more rapid and stable vinegar cure usually found today.

She started making these pickles when the two were farmers at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Conn. “It started with five gallons of cucumbers that we started pickling in the old-fashioned way for fun,” she said. Today these pickles, now branded as Adamah Pickles and produced by the Retreat Center, are sold in the New York area.”


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