Farm Day for the FPA (Future Pickles of America)

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This past Sunday folks from near and far descend upon Isabella Freedman for Farm Day. They came for a taste of ADAMAH First Fruits and to make acquaintance with Angie, Zilpah and the rest of the goat family. They enjoyed pizza baked in our cobb oven, experienced the transcendence of a hike in the Berkshire forest, and were serenaded by the talented ADAMAHNIKIM. I had the pleasure of working at the “Make Your Own Pickle” table, and after speaking with a representative of the FPA, I’d like to share with you a clip from an interview with one of ADAMAH’s Persian Cucumbers, originally published in FPA’s bi-monthly magazine, Brining for You.

‘It was a rather wet and early morning for us in the Sadeh. I spent the night out with my friends Natasha Nitrogen, Pesach Phosphorus, and Pauly Potassium and I really needed my sleep. Baruch Hashem! It was a quiet night, but I could’ve used another hour of snoozing. Nestled in the lush and gentle rolling Berkshire Mountains, hidden away from the raod by flora, it’s usually quiet out there, save for the birds songing the bird sing and the occasional deer who CHOMP CHOMP CHOMPS away on salad greens at dawn every so often. At around 7:30 or 8:00 in the a.m., this particular Sunday, a couple young Jewish Farmy Folks woke me as they came’a prancing toward us with some yellow bins, grinning wildly, and singing loudly. As the sun peeked from behind the dense, morning cloud cover, the dew on my leaves slowly evaporated, and the sun’s rays warmed me to my roots. After growing several inches in length and diameter over the past three days, I was ready to get outta town today. A day or two more and I might’ve been too swollen to be a proper pickle. So I took a ride over to the main Isabella Freedman campus, where Ari packed me away into a jar with a few Cucurbit friends, some garlic from down the road, my friend Grape Leaf, some spices who I’d never met before, a bunch of salt, and some water. Thus, here I sit today. Fermenting away in White Plains, New York.’

Originally Published Monday, June 27th 2011

There you have it folks. Some insight into the life of an FPA, farm-to-table, on Farm Day at Isabella Freedman. And remember, as the FPA says, “Stay salty my friends.”

All our invited to join us for our Fall Farm Day during Sukkot on Sunday, Oct. 16.


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