Harvest Notes 7/7 – West Hartford CSA

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Dear West Hartford CSA Members,

Our Harvest Notes are now online!  Each week’s notes will be posted here by Thursday afternoon.  In addition to your weekly e-mail newsletter, internet recipes and cookbooks, these notes are a valuable tool for figuring out how best to enjoy your veggies.

Swiss Chard This bouquet of rainbow chard is in the same family as spinach and beets so it will taste a lot like them.

Salad Mix This is the last week that you will get salad mix this spring. In hot summer temperatures, lettuces get a bit bitter so you may notice that this week’s batch isn’t as light tasting as the first one you got. Salad mix and lettuce heads will make a come back in the fall.

Garlic Scapes Garlic plants send up a flower stalk (the scape) about a month before the bulbs are ready for harvest. We remove the scape so that the plant will put more energy into making a beautiful big bulb. Conveniently, the scape happens to be delicious. It can be used in place of garlic in any recipe or you can look up specific scape recipes like scape pesto.  Store in the fridge for a few weeks.

Basil These little bundles offer enough to season a dish. As out plants grow bigger throughout the summer we will be giving you larger quantities for making pesto.  It is best not to store basil in the fridge.

Summer Squash Choose from our three varieties of squash. The flying saucer shaped ones are Patty Pans, the green are zucchini and the yellow are yellow crookneck summer squash.

Carrots Luckily, the crew restricted themselves from munching all of the carrots as we picked them. They are pretty tasty and it was hard to stop eating them!

Broccoli This variety is called Green Magic and we think that pretty much sums it up.

Dill Some of the bunches have dill flowers in addition to dill leaves.

Kale This variety has many names. It is sometimes called Toscano, Lacinato, or Italian but my personal favorite name is dinosaur kale. We aren’t sure if it is named for the resemblance between its’ leaves and a dinosaur’s scales or for the way that the plant looks like it belongs in the jurassic age. Either way it is tasty!


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