Interdependence Day

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As the sun set on Saturday evening calling our restful Shabbos to a close, a small troupe of Adamahniks and Isabella Freedman staff hiked to a rocky ridge in the mountains. From our vantage point in the Berkshires we sang niggunim and folk songs, relishing in the breathtaking view of the endless forest below us. Gavriel led an improvised Havdalah, in which we made the most of some of our not-so-natural resources. In place of wine we pulled out a cheap flask of vodka, leftover from our Shabbos celebration. A box of spiced and exceedingly-delicious dehydrated kale chips served as our basamin—spices. Finally, we belted the bracha over light as we gazed down at the 4th of July fireworks which sprang from our neighboring town of Lime Rock.

This week at Isabella Freedman, we took care to remember not only the independence of our country, but the interdependence of the entire world and of all living beings. We took this celebration of freedom as an occasion to reflect on the importance of the responsibility we hold as stewards of earth. We work with our hands when many others would resort to using destructive machines and chemicals that ultimately harm our land, our society, and our planet. With ecological interdependence in mind, we forgo the use of dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. This week we sprayed a natural clay mixture on our cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, and radishes. This simple clay is the only substance we utilize to ward off pests in our field. At Adamah we use practices which honor our responsibility to protect the environment in which we live.


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