Harvest Notes – Week 10 August 18th

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Sweet Corn Corn ear worm is a common pest in organic sweet corn and its presence in our crop is a testament to the fact that we do not spray any chemicals on your veggies. We employed the organic approach of going through each ear of corn looking for potential worm damage and, hopefully, we got rid of anything really yucky. Please excuse any damage we may have missed. Go ahead and cut off anything that looks brown and enjoy the rest of the ear. They are super delicious raw or cooked! This is the last of the sweet corn so savor it well.

Watermelon, Canteloupe and Sun Jewel Specialty Melons Another week of juicy melons! We are crossing our fingers, hoping that next week there will still be enough ripe melons for everyone again but there are no guarantees. You can choose between watermelon, cantaloupe, sun jewel and a really tastey orange honey dew called Honey Orange. Some of the watermelons have red flesh and some yellow. Both are yummy. If you get a melon with a nibble on the rind, just go ahead an cut around it. Two Adamah fellows, Ashley and Sam, highly recommend putting watermelon in the freezer and eating it with a spoon like a pint of ice cream.

Basil Mira says that she puts basil in almost every savory thing she cooks. Store this aromatic herb on your counter rather than in the fridge and keep it out of the sun to reduce wilting.

Tomatoes We wait for tomatoes all year and then when it rains it pours. We’re swimming in tomatoes! We made up a pictorial guide to the varieties that we hope will help you make sense of the bounty. Some tomatoes are ready to eat today and some you should store on the counter, not in the fridge, and wait for them to ripen.

Garlic The garlic is pretty dry now so it should store fine on the counter rather than in the fridge.

Hot Peppers This week you are receiving two jalepenos and then your choice from a few options of a third hot pepper. The orange carrot shaped ones are Bulgarian carrot and they are delicious scorchers. The long skinny ones are red rockets and the orange lantern shaped ones are called paper lanterns. The cherry bombs are Sarah Chandler’s favorite thing we grow and she literally hooted and hollered with joy yesterday when she saw them all shining in a crate by our wash station. They, too, look like their name.

Green Peppers Our peppers haven’t been turning red as quickly as we would like so we figured we’d go ahead and harvest more green ones for the shares. It is hard to be patient! Hopefully next week we’ll have enough red ones for the whole CSA but I suppose green will have to do for now.

Fennel We only had enough fennel to give everyone a little bit so you’ll want to combine it with other things into a larger dish. This anise flavored vegetable is very gourmet. You can cook it any which way or grate it raw in salads. The green frilly part is just as edible as the white bulb so you can eat the entire thing. Mira recommends fennel with beets and basil but she says she likes it in just about everything.

Carrots Carrots are back. Please excuse any black spots and cut around them before eating.

Beets This variety is called chioggia and it has a beautiful candy striped swirl inside. They cook up hot pink and are pretty similar in taste the red beets.

Leeks I love to slow cook leeks for a really long time, bringing out the sweetness. One great way to wash them is to cut off the roots at the bottom and then slice the leek across its diameter all the way up. That way you can easily wash out any dirt that may have snuck in between the layers.

Summer Squash Believe it or not, the bell curve of summer squash season is finally on the decline. This will be the first week that you are receiving less squash than last. You have all been troopers to use up such a bounty and we promise that come December you’ll actually miss having zucchini everywhere you look!Cucumbers Another member of the cucurbit family, like summer squash, that is on the wane. Enjoy them while they last!

Vegetable Storage

Most of the vegetables we give you should be stored in a refrigerator in a bag or in the crisper. I will try to always note in the harvest notes which items you should not store in the fridge (tomatoes, potatoes, basil etc.)

Sharing Recipes

We would love to hear from you what you are making with your shares! If you ever want to share a recipe or a list of the dishes you made and how you combined the items in your share, please send them to janna@isabellafreedman.org.


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