West Hartford CSA Harvest Notes – Week 11 August 25th

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Tomatoes Being a CSA member is a lot like having a big home garden, but without all of the weeds. Each week of the season you get what is fresh and this time of year, that means tomatoes. So dig out those recipes for salsa, marinara sauce, fresh tomato salads, homemade catsup and tomato paste that have been getting dusty all winter and spring.

Cherry Tomatoes The tomato bounty continues! You have a mix of three varieties- sungold is the orange one and its a consistent winner in tomato taste testing contests, black cherry is the purple one and I deem it the runner up. The third is a red heirloom variety I got seeds for at a farming conference this winter called Korakick.

Green Peppers The pepper is a good friend of the tomato and they go well together, either in salsa, marinara sauce or other concoctions. Our peppers still haven’t been turning red as quickly as we would like so green will have to do.

Cilantro Salsa anyone? With all the tomatoes you are getting this week, we are grateful that the cilantro was big enough to bunch for you!

Garlic The garlic is pretty dry now so it should store fine on the counter rather than in the fridge.

Hot Peppers You get to choose from a mix of our hot pepper varieties: bulgarian carrot, jalapeno, red rocket and paper lantern. All are quite spicy!

Watermelon, Canteloupe and Honeydew More melons! You can choose between watermelon, cantaloupe and a really tasty orange honeydew called Honey Orange. Some of the watermelons have red flesh and some yellow. Both are yummy.

Eggplant More Asian eggplants for your stir-fries and Italian globes for eggplant parmasean!

Leeks Loads of luscious leeks! This week the Adamah dining hall served an amazing homeade pizza with slow cooked leeks on top. One great way to wash them is to cut off the roots at the bottom and then slice the leek across its diameter all the way up. That way you can easily wash out any dirt that may have snuck in between the layers.

Summer Squash Enjoy the them while they last! The plants have given us a lot of fruits and, although they are tired, they keep chugging along.

Cucumbers None of the Adamah fellows seem too broken up about the decline of the cucumber plants. We have been harvesting so many for so long! I’ll miss their cooling sweetness as we move into fall, but there will be plenty of delicious root veggies to replace them.

Jeremy and Mira At the Squash Wash

A Fast Approaching Farewell to the Lovely Fellows of Summer 2011

Next week marks the last full week of the 2011 Adamah Summer Fellowship. Our fourteen summer fellows arrived here at the beginning of June, many of them not knowing a tomato plant from a potato plant. Over the past three months they have truly transformed into competent farmers- experts at the subtleties of tomato harvest and the efficiency of hand weeding. Their hamstrings have loosened, allowing them to bend over for hours on end. They have hauled melons in the pouring rain, picked cucumbers in the blistering heat, and throughout it all they have laughed and sung and played many a game of Botticceli. At the same time that I want to thank the Summer Fellows for bringing in your harvest, I’d like to thank all of you for helping to support such a transformative and ecstatic experience for this wonderful group of people. The Summer Fellows are leaving the fields in excellent shape for the Adamah Fall Fellowship. On September 11th fourteen new pairs of hands will be caring for your veggies with the same love and attention that the summer crew did.

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