West Hartford CSA Harvest Notes – Week 12 September 1st

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Tomatoes Flood or no flood, the tomatoes go on! These jewels of the garden are tough cookies and I predict they will keep producing at a high level until cool weather sets in. Some of these are very ripe and others need to sit on the counter for a few days to turn completely colored.

Cherry Tomatoes You have a mix of three varieties- sungold is the orange one and its a consistent winner in tomato taste testing contests, black cherry is the purple one and I deem it the runner up. The third is a red heirloom variety I got seeds for at a farming conference this winter called Korakick.

Green Peppers You may find a few blemished peppers. Just go ahead and cut around the scar- the rest is delicious!

Red Peppers You are getting regular block style sweet red peppers and Carmen peppers which are the pointy, big red peppers. Both are sweet, not hot. If you find a blemish, kindly cut around it and enjoy the rest of the pepper.

Hot Peppers You get to choose from a mix of our hot pepper varieties: bulgarian carrot, jalapeno, red rocket and paper lantern. All are quite spicy!

Garlic The garlic is pretty dry now so it should store fine on the counter rather than in the fridge.

Leeks One great way to wash them is to cut off the roots at the bottom and then slice the leek across its diameter all the way up. That way you can easily wash out any dirt that may have snuck in between the layers.

Winter Squash These rich, filling veggies are usually harvested in the fall and can generally be stored throughout the winter. This year, our squash have come in early due to the flood but we’ll let them keep their name. After the trip they took across the field and into the woods, its the least we can do for them. They are still yummy although they might not be as sweet as they could have been had they finished maturing on the plants. You get to choose from a mix of squash types: butternut, kabocha, hubbard, and pie pumpkin. I love to slice them, roast them and then stuff them or make soup. You can also peel them and steam them.

Kale These were growing in our higher field and thus came out of the flood unscathed. You get to choose from Red Russian, White Russian and Winterbor varieties.

Mint Fresh and refreshing!

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