Harvest Notes – Week 14 September 15th

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Tomatoes We harvested these tomatoes off of the few plants in our hoophouse as well as from high up on the trellises in the Sadeh where floodwaters did not reach.  We thus have a few beautiful, flood-free fruits to share.  We are pretty sure this is the last of them so enjoy!

Cherry Tomatoes These were also growing up high on the trellises.   Still pretty tasty for the survivors that they are!

Green Tomatoes We also harvested some green tomatoes from up high on the trellises, making this the week to curl up with the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” while you eat some of your own.

Garlic  These are the weeks to explore this pungent treat.  Roasted garlic dip?  Olive oil and garlic pasta?  Garlic Jelly?  http://www.garlicfestival.com/gffrecipes.php?rindex=13

Onions  Luckily we brought all the onions into the greenhouse to cure before Hurricane Irene.  They should store pretty well at this point and we’re quite proud of their winning size.

Winter Squash You are each getting a butternut and for your second squash you’ll get a choice of pie pumpkin or other fun squash.  Due to the mayhem they went through this season we are not sure how well these squash will store.  Please eat them quickly and savor them- they are an amazing hearty vegetable that we are very sad to see in this less-than-ideal shape.  You could always cut them up and freeze them if you aren’t ready to eat this much squash yet.

Kale or Collards Giant bunches this week!  These were growing in our higher field and thus came out of the flood unscathed.  The plants have been producing for us since this spring so we hope they can make it a little while longer.

Sage Our herb garden on Beebe hill did not flood.  I recommend sauteeing the sage lightly and then using it as a topping for squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds.

Lemon Balm This is such a fun herb that you can use to make tea or bake into desserts.

Bomb Jelly ADAMAH “Bomb Jelly” is a sweet and spicy pepper jelly.  It pairs really well with our Chevre cheese and crackers, or on a bagel with cream cheese, or as a glaze for tofu, chicken or fish.  Ingredients are our homegrown Cherry Bomb Peppers, Organic Sugar, and Apple Cider Vinegar.

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