Harvest Notes – Week 15 September 22nd

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Raspberries All of the Adamah fellows took a field trip to Thompson Finch Farm to pick these certified organic, unbelievably delicious raspberries for you. We may have lost most of our own produce but we are finding it in other places. The proof of Thompson Finch’s no-spray practices are in the pudding- you many find a few bugs in the berries. We think that washing off insects is much easier and preferable to trying to wash off chemical residue from non-organic produce so give them a rinse and enjoy!

Garlic These are the weeks to explore this pungent treat. Roasted garlic dip? Olive oil and garlic pasta? Garlic Jelly? http://www.garlicfestival.com/gffrecipes.php?rindex=13

Onions Luckily we brought all the onions into the greenhouse to cure before Hurricane Irene. They should store pretty well at this point and we’re quite proud of their winning size.

Kale This week is a cooking green festival with both kale and collards. Luckily, they are both super versatile and incredibly healthy. Recently the Isabella Freedman dining hall made kale spanikopita that knocked all of our socks off. You can put cooking greens in soups, stews, casseroles, salads, dips and stir-fries.

Collards I know you’ve gotten a lot of collards lately so now is the time to experiment. You can cook them up just like kale in most recipes or you can try making a traditional, southern-style slow cooked recipe. Here is one that does not include ham, http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/cooking-for-real/vegetarian-southern-style-collard-greens-recipe/index.html.

Mint Our mint fared well on Beebe along with the other hers. Try using it in Moroccan style cooking, in tea, yogurt or on one of these chilly nights, in your hot cocoa.

Lemon Balm This is such a fun herb. You can use to make tea, bake into desserts or replace lemon zest in any recipe.

Firekraut Here we have another reminder of the value of putting away food during more bountiful times. Our firekraut is a lot like our sauerkraut but it is made with red cabbage and mildly spiced with jalepenos. This is an Adamah original so don’t expect to find it anywhere but with us!

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