Harvest Notes – Week 16 September 29th

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This week is still a bit slim but the good news is that next week should be a bountiful one. By then some of our fall greens should be ready to harvest and we’ll buy in some produce from other farms. We so appreciate your commitment to us and your willingness to eat with the seasons- even when the season is rough.  Hopefully some creative dishes have been coming out of all these onions, garlic, cooking greens and herbs!

Raspberries We spent another beautiful day at Thompson Finch Farm picking organic raspberries for you. It feels so good in these lean times to connect with other local farms and share in their abundance. The proof of Thompson Finch’s no-spray practices are in the pudding- you many find a few bugs in the berries. We think that washing off insects is much easier and preferable to trying to wash off chemical residue from non-organic produce so give them a rinse and enjoy!

Garlic More garlic!

Onions Luckily we brought all the onions into the greenhouse to cure before Hurricane Irene. They should store pretty well at this point and we’re quite proud of their winning size.

Collards Keep up that enthusiasm for these nutritious veggies just a little while longer! Here are a few creative ideas



Herbs This week you get to choose from a selection of different herbs:

Lovage- a celery-like herb tasty in salads, soups, or used in tea to aid digestion

Mint- refreshing in teas, hot chocolate, baked goods, ice cream, mint julips, yogurt, curries, and beyond. It can be soothing to the stomach

Anise Hyssop: lovely in tea, baked goods, potpourri, or perhaps crumbled over fruit salad. It is sometimes used medicinally for coughs, fevers and diarrhea

Pickled Beets It turns out beets are extraordinarily stubborn when it comes to lactofermentation- the process of live fermentation we use for the rest of our pickle line-up. Beets simply refuse to lactoferment nicely so we created a very tasty vinegar pickle recipe just for them. Enjoy them on their own or mix them up with goat cheese, walnuts and collard greens for something fancy.



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