What We Carry -Steve Sherman, Fall Adamah 2011

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Encircling most of the Isabella Freedman campus is a mile-long piece of string called an eruv. The Talmud prohibits carrying objects from one domain to another on the Sabbath, but by erecting a ritual enclosure around our community, the Halachic among us can carry raspberry blintzes or “The Essential Writings of Abraham Joshua Heschel” to the next tent village. Our Mashgiach or kashrut supervisor walks the full length of the eruv every Friday to confirm that our enclosure is complete for Shabbat.     Mitzvot like the maintenance of an eruv elevate the ignored into awareness. 

          Before I learned about the eruv, I only noticed my carry-arounds when TSA officials removed them. Now, even when it’s not Shabbat, I see the eruv string and start to notice the things with which we Adamahniks outfit ourselves. Garth. for example, often carries a copy of Mishnaiot in his bag or on his person. I usually have my small folding knife attached above my right pocket. Mira carries her Chubby Bunny Farm hat, Hana her pants into her socks, and Michael the pink, wire rimmed glasses that he borrowed from Erika after the unfortunate loss of his own, more masculine-looking pair into Lake Miriam.
But these are the intangibles. According to Shamu, each of us carries a weighty yiddisher kop, full of 5772 years of stuff.

Shanah Tova!

-Steve Sherman, Fall Adamah 2011


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