West Hartford CSA Harvest Notes- Week 19 October 18th

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Salad Mix Wow, we harvested so much salad mix this week! Our wash tubs were overflowing!  We are really excited imagining all the big bowls of fancy salad you will all be eating.  This mix is made up of a variety of baby mustard greens, baby lettuce leaves and a few spinach leaves. Each baby mustard variety has a different flavor and we choose them with the intention of combining the sharper tastes with milder ones. Mizuna, the green leaf with angular leaves is very mild compared to the small, dark green leaves of cress or the lobed leaves of arugula. If this feels like too much salad for you, try sauteing or braising some of it. The mustard greens would be great in a stir-fry with the bok choi.

Radishes The radish bounty continues! I just ate about eight radishes raw on an empty stomach. In hindsight it might not have been the best idea but they were so juicy and deliciously sharp! We have two varieties this week, pink beauty (the pink ones) and cherriette (the cherry colored ones). Both are excellent raw on salads, as a snack in front of the computer, roasted or sauteed.

Collards We have been so impressed with the way these plants continue to produce.  I hope you’ve been feeling strong from all of the vitamin k, vitamin a, vitamin c, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and other great stuff. One of the great gifts of a CSA is that your share sometimes forces you to each healthy things that, no matter how delicious when cooked well, you might not otherwise choose to eat so much of.

Garlic More garlic!  These heads are nice and dry so they should store fine on your kitchen counter. Davida, one of our Adamah alumni and a native of West Hartford, eats a clove of garlic every day and swears that its’ immune boosting properties can be credited for her lack of colds or illness.

Onions Believe it or not, onions are a great source of calcium. Who needs Tropicana when you keep getting local onions in your CSA share?

Bok Choi These would make an awesome stir-fry together with this week’s radishes, onions, and garlic. It also works well raw and chopped thin for salads. Its nutritious and delicious and one more excellent gift from our Beebe Hill field.

Apples Again, we’ve been driving out to the property of some generous friends to pick apples. If you are tired of chomping down on them raw, try making pie, apple butter, jelly, crisp, juice, cider, hard cider, vinegar, or compote. You can even add them to savory dishes. Any discoloration or speckles you see are totally and completely edible. The particular blemishes on these apples are kind of banner diseases of unsprayed New England apples. The fungi of the apple skin called fly speck and sooty blotch and are hard to avoid without spraying in our humid summers. They are perfectly healthy to eat and have no flavor so the deliciousness of the apples is not compromised.

Mira hoeing this week’s bountiful salad harvest back when it was itty bitty


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