West Hartford CSA- Final Week November 17th!

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Being a member of a CSA necessarily teaches us how to experiment with new foods, cook seasonally and eat healthier. In bountiful years, this connection to a particular piece of land teaches us gratitude for the sun, rain, soil, farm workers, and the generosity of natural cycles. This year, we have also learned harder lessons about the fragility of our food source and the smallness of our efforts in the face of big storms.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you as CSA members for sticking with us so graciously. We would have loved a fall full of potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, pumpkins, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and beets. Instead we all learned to eat loads and loads of greens each week since they were the crops we were able to fill in the shares with. There is something very significant about your choice to eat with the true tides of the land and in the case of our kale-heavy season, perhaps our bodies are that much more grateful for the extra vitamins!

Harvest Notes – Week 23 November 17th

Bok Choi These small heads are especially delicious after the frost.

Totsoi This is another Asian green like Bok Choi and you can use it the same way. Try stir-frying it or chopping it into this slices and marinating it for raw salads.

Salad Mix Adamah fellow Hana paused from harvesting salad mix this morning and when I looked up from my row she had a half eaten frilly green in one hand and announced, “Woah!” “What?” I asked concerned. “That is ridiculously awesome.” She then proceeded to tell me all the ways that our salad mix has changed her life. “I had no idea there could be so much complexity to salad greens. I want to know what each one is so I can grow them. I used to think that if I grew a garden, I would grow tomatoes or something but now I know that I would grow a gazillion different varieties of salad green.” Hana particularly recommends the golden frills mustard green that is in your mix on a chedder cheese sandwich.

Braising Mix Another gourmet mix of cooking greens. You can braise them, saute them, stir-fry them, steam them, chop them up for soup… the possibilities are endless and the greens are deliciously frost sweetened. In addition to the brassica greens komatsuna, broccoli raab, and turnip greens we’ve added some small beet greens to mix up the flavor.

Cilantro We are amazed at how well this cilantro grew back considering how cold its been! While harvesting, we discussed what we use cilantro for. Garth prefers it in curry but will put it to other uses. Sally will use it in anything including red sauce for pasta. Yael is one of those people who is genetically predisposed against cilantro so she was struggling just to harvest it. Personally, I can’t wait to put it in a huge pot of beans.

Kale or Collards I hope you won’t miss this kale/collard abundance too much after the CSA ends! These plants get the gold star for production and we hope you’ve learned to love it as much as we do. This stuff is particularly gourmet now that it has frosted a few times.

Spinach Delicious raw or cooked, this stuff will make muscly sailors of us all.

Onions The last of our onion crop!

Garlic And the last of our garlic crop!

Apples The Berenstain Bears were the first to teach me that you can’t judge an apple by its outside but we have all learned that lesson in a new way this season. If you haven’t seen the video I’m talking about, check it out below especially from 1:26 seconds to 2:05 seconds.

Adamah fellow Chavi picking apples for the CSA

Adamah fellows writing by the lake here at Isabella Freedman


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