West Hartford CSA Pick-Up Week 4

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The farm is drying out a bit after all of this heat and not much rain. The crops are very appreciative as we scurry around setting up drip irrigation, a low-waste watering method. One of our fields does not have any irrigation potential so we look to the skies each afternoon and hope for some drops. Overall the plants are growing beautifully!


Harvest Notes

Carrots Pulling carrots out of the ground has been one of the most satisfying parts of our week. A gentle tug on the somewhat dull looking greens reveals a root so bright orange it is surprising every time! If you see any black spots on the roots, you can just cut that part of the carrot off and eat the rest- a small price to pay for having organic carrots that are never sprayed with chemicals!


Salad Mix A triple washed mix of baby lettuce, radicchio and baby mustards, this is pretty fancy stuff. Salad greens don’t grow well in the heat, so this is our last harvest of salad mix until the fall.


Broccoli This popular brassica is here in a big way! We hope to get one more harvest off of these plants next week and then we will have to wait until fall for more broccoli.


Kohlrabi This is the last of this crazy alien vegetable! We hope you’ve enjoyed this less common treat. If you haven’t experimented with it yet, try eating it raw, roasting it au graten or tossing it in soup. We plan on pickling a bunch of it this year!


Garlic Scapes We still have garlic scapes! Try grilling it like asparagus, grinding it up into pesto or roasting it.


Lettuce Heads Everyone is getting a head of crispy, crunchy romaine lettuce. Large shares will also get a head of pannise lettuce which has a softer, creamier texture that is more like a butterhead. Lettuce has a tough time growing in hot weather so this will be our last lettuce harvest until the fall.


Cabbage Everyone is getting a head of green cabbage. Large shares will also get a head of green savoy cabbage – its the pretty, crinkly one. You can use it just like a regular head of cabbage.


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