West Hartford CSA Pick-Up Week 6

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Harvest Notes

In the words of Reesha, Adamah apprentice extraordinaire, “This week’s share has all the colors of the season.” Bon appetit!

Kale This kale has many names. You can call it Toscano, Lacinato, Italian or, our favorite Dinosaur. A group of twelve year olds from Camp Ramah visited our farm this week and, to our surprise, many of them enthusiastically snapped kale leaves off the plants and munched them raw all the way home!

CauliflowerWe are so proud to have succeeded with this challenging crop! Cauliflower is kind of high maintenance and needs its leaves rubber banded at the top to prevent sunshine from discoloring the heads. We hope you enjoy its sweet, snow-whiteness.

Garlic This is fresh out of the ground, not cured, so you have to keep it in the refrigerator. You will notice that the skin is not paper dry like cured garlic but its flavor is just as garlicy sharp.

Thai Basil This variety of basil has a slightly different scent and taste than the Italian basil you received last week. It can be used just like the other basil but you might try making a Thai coconut or peanut curry with it.

Cucumbers This variety is called “Green Finger”. Some of the cukes have brown blemishes on their skin, a result of cucumber beetle damage. The skin is still perfectly edible and delicious.

Paste Tomatoes Tomatoes are in! We have waited many long months – since the end of August 2011 when Hurricane Irene’s flood took our tomato plants down – for the taste of fresh, off the vine tomatoes. We grow both “paste” tomatoes, which are best for salsas and sauces due to their lower water content, and “slicing tomatoes, which are the juicy ones. This week’s delivery is all paste tomatoes so you may choose to cook them up with some basil and kale. Honestly, I eat paste tomatoes fresh and make slicers into sauce all the time, so don’t feel too bound by the distinctions.

Beets There are two kinds of beets available this week, cylindrical beets and round beets. They vary in shape only, not in taste. We took the tops off of these beets because, in all this summer heat, there weren’t a lot of lush beauties like there are in the spring. I had an incredibly delicious raw beet salad last night with very thin slices, a bit of veganaise and salt.

Dill We included the dill flowers in your bunches because they make beautiful, edible garnishes. Their flavor is a bit milder than the leaves but just as dilly.

Summer Squash (Large Shares Only) Our first succession of summer squash grew fairly slowly this year and so this is our first real harvest. The next succession looks beautiful so I think the squash bounty will be upon us in a few weeks. We have both a green and yellow patty pan squash (the flying saucer shaped ones), a green zucchini and a yellow summer squash. They are all quite yummy!

Even in high harvest season we must think of the fall and plant! This is our new field where we just put in some cabbage and broccoli plants.


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