West Hartford CSA Pick-Up Week 7

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Harvest Notes

Collards You may notice some holes in the collard leaves, thanks to the flea beetles and caterpillars. The leaf is aesthetically compromised but still delicious and nutritious. Collards are traditionally cooked for a long time to soften them. We had them at the Isabella Freedman Adamah Foods Dining Hall yesterday, stewed with carrots to perfection.

Garlic This week’s garlic is a little bit drier than last weeks’, but it still isn’t fully dried out for storage. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator because it won’t last months and months on the kitchen counter like cured garlic will.

Cucumbers Everyone is getting green cucumbers but large shares are also getting lemon cukes. They may look funny, but they are my favorite! The lemon cucumber and other slicing cucumber plants seem to be bouncing back after having been eaten by deer so we will see how many we end up with next week.

Swiss Chard So colorful! Enjoy these as you would beet greens- sauted, in soups or even raw.

Tomatoes In the midst of a great week for tomatoes, we received some ominous news. The tomato field of a nearby farm has been infected with Late Blight. Late Blight is a terrible disease that affects tomatoes and potatoes. It moves very quickly on the wind and can take down a crop in just a few short days. It is actually the same disease that caused the famous Irish Potato Famine. We are optimistic that we will have a good run with our tomatoes this year while remembering that there is a good chance we could end up losing our crop. Thus far our crop seems in the clear and healthy, but we will keep you posted on its progress.

     Paste Tomatoes These are far less juicy than the slicers, so they cook quickly down into sauce and are firm in salsas. Enjoy the many different shapes of our heirloom varieties!

     Slicing Tomatoes You are likely to find these much more flavorful than those styrofoam, store-bought slicers.

     Cherry Tomatoes This variety is called sungold and we think it is pretty out-of-this-world. Good luck getting these all the way to your kitchen before gobbling them up.

Carrots We bunched these to avoid the challenge of weighing them at the pick-up. Their tops are edible but a bit tough and bitter. They can be used in soup stock or composted if they don’t appeal to your palate.

Eggplant (Large Shares Only) Our eggplants are just beginning to come on. The variety you are receiving in your share this week is an Asian eggplant. It tastes just like an Italian eggplant but is narrower and thus has a higher skin to flesh ratio and fewer seeds.


Adamah Fellow Ben Chows Down on a Deer Nibbled Zucchini


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