West Hartford CSA Pick-up Week 8

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The gifts of rain and sun have made for a truly fantastic harvest this week. We have been lucky and our tomatoes seem free and clear of late blight infection. Our Adamah crew has been picking and lifting and hauling and washing all week and we are so excited about the delicious bounty we have put together for you.


Harvest Notes

Kale This curly kale makes especially exciting kale chips!

Sweet OnionsThese sweet onions are like walla wallas or vidalias but it would actually be illegal for us to call them by either of those names. A Walla Walla is by definition grown in Walla Walla, Washington and a Vidalia in and around Vidalia, Georgia. Our Sweet Onion variety is called Gladstone but we might as well call it the Falls Village Sweet onion. Unlike the cured storage onions you will receive in the fall, this fresh onion won’t store for more than a couple weeks and you should keep in the fridge. It is especially yummy raw so try it on a sandwich or burger.. perhaps with some tomato slices.

Slicing Tomatoes We pick all of our slicing tomatoes a little bit under ripe so that they won’t be mushy by the time they get to you. Thus, the tomatoes at the pick-up will be of varying degrees of ripeness and you may need to leave yours out on the counter for a day or two before digging in. You should never store tomatoes in the refrigerator unless you really need to keep them from over-ripening. Cold temperatures reduce tomato flavor.

Paste Tomatoes All of the above information about slicing tomatoes is true for these more narrow, less juicy fruits. We grow a number of different varieties of paste tomato so you may notice that they look or taste different from one another. We would love to hear from you which ones are your favorites!

Purple Slicing Tomatoes This week, large shares will receive a big honking purple heirloom. This variety is particularly rich and delicious. It is also prone to cracking and growing in funny shapes!

Cherry Tomatoes More candy straight off the vine for the large shares.

Beets This week you have the choice of golden beets or red beets. The golden beets are a bit milder than the reds and they don’t dye your whole meal red when you cook with them. They grow a little funkier than the reds so you will notice that they are not as neat and round.

Thai Basil This variety of basil has a slightly different scent and taste than the Italian basil. It can be used just like the other basil but you might try making a Thai coconut or peanut curry with it.

Cucumbers Our second planting of slicing cucumbers is now baring fruit!

Fennel Fronds Usually, we would give you the entire bulb of fennel with the fronds on it, but this year it all bolted (went to flower) before the bulbs got big enough. The fronds are still delicious so we decided to bunch them for you to use as an aromatic, anise-flavored cooking green.

Summer Squash The squash is upon us! We grow a few different kinds of squash. We grow green zucchini, yellow zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, green patty pan and yellow patty pan. They are each delicious and very similar in use. Check out the Jewish Local Greens Website to identify each kind of squash with pictures.

Adamah Fellow Rae Enjoys the Pepper Weeding at Hand

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