West Hartford CSA Pickup – Week 13

September 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Harvest Notes

Watermelon or Cantaloupe A few melons made it all the way into September! Large shares witll take their pick of the last of the watermelons and cantaloupe.

Paste Tomatoes These are the last of the paste tomatoes from the field. You may see slicers pop up in next week’s shares from our greenhouses, depending on how well they last.

Tomatillos Salsa verde is made with tomatillos but you can also use them in a wide variety of creative vegetable dishes like stew, soup, sautes or even a fancy guacamole. Take their little paper jacket off before using.

Potatoes This variety is called Dark Red Norland. The callused skins are due to a very common disease called potato scab that is purely cosmetic. The skin is rough but it does not penetrate into the potato or affect flavor. This disease is so common, and so inconsequential to the flesh or flavor, that many potatoes grown for processing (for french fries or chips) have it. The disease does well in soils with a high ph like ours. You may also find a few unrelated black spots in the potato that you have to cut out- hopefully not too many.

Green Peppers This week is kind of a pepper bonanza what with the bells and the hots. Spict stuffed peppers?

Colored Sweet Peppers Each of these is a matured version of a green pepper. It is very difficult to grow mature peppers like these. At least 50% of them go bad due to sun, rodent, insect or rot damage before they get to be their final color- which explains why they are so much more expensive in the store.

Cherry Bomb Hot Peppers These are a favorite around Adamah and the main ingredient in our bomb jelly. They are quite spicy and a little bit sweet.

Cayenne A little kick for those who aren’t too faint of heart.

Anise Hyssop You can use it in tea, baked goods, sorbet or to lend a little bit of licorice flavor to anything you make.

LeeksWe didn’t mean to give you leek again but the crew accidentally harvested them so… here they are! Finally you might be able to make a potato leek soup or just keep on getting creative! The onions are all harvested and curing (drying) in the greenhouse so next week you will find them in your share.

Summer Squash The gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. […] Harvest Notes for this week have a good suggestion for making potato leek soup – on hot, sticky days […]

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