West Hartford CSA Pickup – Week 14

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Harvest Notes

Kale The green giants are back to kick off a fall season of cooking greens! Choose either Curly kale or the darker green kale which has many names- you can call it Toscano, Lacinato, Italian or, our favorite, Dinosaur kale. These kale leaves are from our spring planting. We gave the plants a rest for most of the summer and now they are producing well again. We hope you aren’t too turned off by the few bug holes you may find on the Dinosaur kale. Some people say that insect nibbles cause the plants to produce more antioxidants!

Cinnamon Basil This basil is a lot like the thai basil you’ve been getting. It has a lot of flowers on it which might shift the flavor a little and also gives you the option of putting it in a vase for decoration or garnishing your fancy dishes with it.

Jalapenos Spicy, but not quite as hot as…

Cayenne which are quite hot, beautifully dark red and incrediby flavorful. Don’t like spicy food? This is the week to knock on your heat-loving neighbor’s door and make an offering. Also, if you don’t use them all right away, you can hang the cayenne by a string in a nicely ventilated space to dry them out for dried peppers.

Tomatoes These tomatoes are from our greenhouses, which haven’t gotten late blight yet.

Green Peppers It was a good pepper week on the farm so perhaps it is stuffed pepper week at your house.

Red Peppers So colorful and so sweet!

Potatoes Remember to store your potatoes in a cool place that is both dark and dry, like a cabinet, but not in the refrigerator. When they are stored below forty degrees, some of the starches turn to sugars and your potatoes will taste oddly sweet.

Onions We harvest our onions once a year in late summer. We bring them in and lay them all out to dry in the greenhouse. Once they are cured we clean them up and crate them for storage through the fall. These are almost all the way dry so they should store pretty well for you.

Delicata Winter Squash Large shares are receiving the first of our winter squash this week- delicata. This squash has such thin skins that you can eat them up rather than pealing them. My favorite cooking method for all winter squash is to slice them in half, coat them in a thin layer of olive oil and roast them.


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