West Hartford CSA Pickup Week 15

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Summer and fall seem to be overlapping one another these days. I leave the house with fourteen layers each morning and by mid-afternoon I have sweatshirts strewn all over the farm. This week’s share reflects that warm season-cool season transition. Jalapenos and radishes. Salad mix and tomatoes. The greens are making their annual fall comeback and we have just a short while left to savor those hot weather goodies.

Harvest Notes

Salad Mix Usually we combine both baby lettuce and baby mustard greens in our mix but the lettuce grew too slow and wasn’t ready. These mustards are so tender, they don’t overpower a salad and can be eaten straight up. We have triple washed these greens so they may not even need another rinse before you chow down.

Radishes These are incredibly juicy and full of zing. Eat them raw, sliced up on salad or try sauteeing them in a stir-fry or even roasting them.

Collards Try them sauteed, stewed, mixed into other dishes or slow cooked the traditional southern way.

Beets We grew a bunch of honkers this fall! Don’t forget, the greens are delicious raw in salads or cooked like swiss chard.

Jalapenos The spice festival of late summer isn’t over yet. There should be at least one more week of hot peppers. Jalapenos don’t dry as well as the cayenne and lanterns you got last week but you could try your hand at hot pepper jelly if you want to preserve them.

Mini Sweet Orange Peppers These are super gourmet little bites of summer yum. We grew them especially as appetizers for the wedding of our friends and coworkers (mazel tov Meg and Segulah!) but. Now that the event has passed, we can pass these treats on to you! You can eat them raw as a snack or do what Adamah Associate Director Sarah Chandler did, cut off the tops, coat them in oil and stuff them with deliciousness to roast in the oven. She put a quinoa, breadcrumb, nut mixture but I can imagine many creative fillings.

Green Peppers Summer keeps on giving.

Red Peppers Sweet treats for large shares.

Tomatoes A few more from the greenhouase.

Onions You can rely on getting onions most weeks for the rest of the 2012 CSA season.

Potatoes This is the last of our red potatoes. They should store pretty well in a cupboard if you don’t use them up this week.


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