West Hartford CSA – Week 17

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Harvest Notes

Lettuce We have an adorable gaggle of ducks here on the farm. Unfortunately, they escaped their fencing a few weeks ago and waddled their way to our fall lettuce patch, nibbling a large portion of it to the ground. They didn’t get to all of it, so we will still have a few deliveries of crunchy fall lettuce heads but just not quite as many as we had hoped. We have improved the duck house and fencing so the rest of our crops should be safe:) Enjoy this week’s selection of Romaine, summer crisp or red leaf lettuce.

Salad Turnips I can’t imagine why these juicy, sweet salad turnips are not more common in super markets. Everyone who tries them is usually blown away eating them raw, roasted or lightly sauteed. Turnip greens make a delicious, mustardy addition to any dish. They can also be eaten in raw salad if you like a sharp green and you don’t mind their tough texture. You may find a few bad spots on your turnips. Just cut them out and enjoy the rest!

Tomatillos Try making salsa verde or just tossing tomatillos into a sauce or casserole.

Kale You can call this variety Toscano, Italian or Dinosaur but don’t call me late to dinner if this deep green, vitamin-packed, delicacy is served!

Potatoes This white potato variety is called Kennebec and it is similar to a russet. This pickup marks the last of our 2012 potato crop. Please excuse the little holes in the tubers and cut around them.

Scallions Also called green onions, these scallions are milder than the yellow onion you are each receiving in your share. They are quite versatile and can be used in stir-fries or lightly cooked in miso soup. I like to blend them up with sour cream to make a dip for raw veggies or chips.

Spinach Our spinach did not germinate (sprout) as well as we had hoped so we didn’t have enough to give small shares spinach this week. We have more coming along in the field so, hopefully, we will do a larger spinach delivery coming up.

Onion These onions will keep coming throughout the fall.

Mini Orange Sweet Peppers Don’t confuse these little sweeties for hot peppers. They are just super fancy colored bell peppers. Try them raw, or, if you are hosting a fancy dinner party, you could stuff and roast them.

Jalapeno Peppers The most mature jalapenos turn red, develop scratchy marks on their skin and are extra super duper hot. The green ones are still spicy as well but, if you are a real heat lover, choose the red ones.

Cayenne Hot Peppers My bedroom is currently decorated with a string of cayenne peppers, drying beautifully in what is called a ristra in Spanish. These hot red chiles are perfect for drying over a few weeks and can then be stored in a container.


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